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Welcome to FarmBuilders

Welcome to FarmBuilders

Welcome to FarmBuilders

Welcome to FarmBuilders

This is an exciting time to be at the forefront of Farming in Africa. At FarmBuilders we shape this future for both our investors and our host communities. Farming in any form can be challenging but led by experienced hands and executed with precision and passion, it can be fruitful and rewarding for all involved. We are here to deliver a fair return to our investors and for our communities, secured by our long experience and knowledge of developing farms across the African Continent.
Growing Together!

What we do

FarmBuilders are large scale farm developers. We de-risk projects ensuring ontime onbudget implementation.

We create shareholder value by optimising project investment, manage risk, and deliver the project on time in full.

We develop feasibility studies for our clients, in addition to full turnkey development of the farm.

At FarmBuilders, we believe in active community engagement in all our projects.

How we do it

With over 30 years’ experience in Agriculture and Horticulture across the African continent, coupled with excellence in project management, FarmBuilders are uniquely equipped to deliver.

Our skilled team and extensive network ensures we have the right people focused on the right tasks..

Why we do it

We are passionate about developing sustainable, community-friendly agriculture in Africa. While Investors will bring financial and market-access expertise, FarmBuilders can make it happen delivering the project on time, in full, on budget.

Together we can mitigate risk enhancing shareholder reputation, long term value creation and community enrichment.

We specialise in

Project Management

  • Realistic timelines developed up front
  • Clear milestones, roles and responsibilities and sign-off
  • Consistent stakeholder engagement with clear communication
  • Problem solving, managing delays

Business Plan Execution

  • Strategic Farm planning
  • Ensuring robust ROI assumptions
  • Product to market link
  • Updating technology


  • Cost benefit analysis & alternative scenarios
  • Consistent process includes RFP, evaluation and engagement of contractors
  • Delivering compliant procurement procedures
  • Cost and budget management
  • Cash flow forecasting

Our Focus areas

  • Irrigation infrastructure including dams, reservoirs, surface and sub-surface
    water sources
  • Pack House development
  • Construction of Farm Processing and support Infrastructure
  • Environmental Impact water Permit
  • Energy Utilisation
  • Set up of precision farming systems.

Our Values

• Sustainability: Community, Soil & Water
• Environment: Protecting and enhancing
• Community enrichment
• Ethical in everything we do

Our Projects

We specialise in large scale irrigated crops and specialised horticulture using state of the art production systems for high value enterprises such as table grape, citrus, fruit & berries, and avocado, for example.

The farm can be developed as a green-field or brown-field enterprise.

Nigeria: 1800 ha grain and animal feed enterprise.
Zambia: 1000 ha grain, and 1500 milking herd.
600 ha mixed grain farm.
Morocco berry and avocado project


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